We are a direct extension of your in-house recruitment team.

Hireframe combines our best practices from 15+ years of experience building nearshore and offshore teams with your hiring standards and assessments.

We come from world-class recruiting organizations

Here’s how we supercharge your People Operations team.

Technical Skills Assessments

Our recruitment team uses technical skills assessments to vet candidates’ ability to do the job. These assessments mirror the same tests used by Wall Street and Silicon Valley. We have a library of assessments and will often employ our customers’ assessments to align with their recruitment process.

Case Interviews

We have trained our recruiters to conduct case interviews in the same way as recruitment teams from McKinsey, Bain and BCG. Our case interviews test problem-solving skills, analytical abilities, communication skills and a candidate’s overall ability to tackle problems in a live setting.

Calibration Sessions

Our Account Managers will host calibration sessions with customers after final round interviews and shortly after your Hireframers have been working for at least 30 days. These sessions are designed to determine if the recruitment profile used in sourcing and vetting applicants fits the actual day-to-day job.

Business leaders love Hireframe

We partner with executives and senior management to help them hit growth targets.

Haleigh Castro

Sr. People Operations Manager

NEXT Trucking

"As a People Operations Manager, I see Hireframe as a strategic and collaborative partner in our business. Critical to our operations."

Talha Husayn

VP Technical Engagement


"If you're a modern SaaS company and you have SDRs and AEs doing outbound prospecting, you need Hireframe."

JD Beebe



"If you are a growing business, you should be thinking about offshoring talent and Hireframe finds the best."

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Source, vet and onboard in less than 30 days

Here’s how we fill your open roles quickly and with top talent.

Align On Job Requirements

We dive deep into your job description, dissect every detail and confirm what is most important in each role. Our recruiters will align with you on what it takes to be successful in your organization and what’s absolutely necessary to do the job.

Interview Finalists

Our team will endorse finalists for you to interview. Each finalist will be presented with a summary of their interview notes and assessment results. You decide who you want to join your team and can always ask to see more candidates.

Source and Vet Candidates

All applicants are evaluated through multiple interviews and assessments before they reach you. We dig through their experience, test their technical skills and determine the intangibles that will make them successful in the role.

Onboard Your Hireframer(s)

Use your own new-hire onboarding process, and leverage us for coordination and other best practices. You will be supported by an Account Manager and your Hireframer will work with a Coach to ensure everyone is set up for success.

 Meet our recruiters  

The Hireframer Recruitment Team has decades of experience sourcing talent around the world and best-in-class training straight from the Fortune 100.

Picture of a Hireframe recruiterPicture of a Hireframe recruiterPicture of a Hireframe recruiter


Get full-time dedicated staff starting at $2,500/mo.

With Hireframe you’ll get:

  • On-demand recruitment for any open requirement
  • Top talent at a fraction of the cost of a US hire
  • 2-3 vetted finalists for every position
  • Flexible terms; cancel anytime with 30-day notice

Staffed Roles

If the work can be done remotely, we can staff it.

Finance & Accounting

AR Specialist, AP Specialist, Staff Accountant, Sr. Accountant, Tax Specialist, Financial Analyst, Controller

Operations & Customer Service

Community Manager, Customer Support Rep, Technical Support, Customer Onboarding, Renewals Associate, Customer Activations

Human Resources & Recruitment

People Operations Associate, Recruiter, Sr. Recruiter, Sourcing Specialist, Training & Development, HR Analyst

Information Technology

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Technical Support, Mobile Developer, Designer, QA Analyst

Sales & Marketing

Sales Researcher, Inbound/Outbound Specialist, RFP Manager, CRM Administrator, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Survey Programmer

Administrative Support

Any role that supports an existing team or team member at your company to free up their time for higher-leverage tasks, like a Sales Assistant

Ready to fill that open position?

Give us a requirement to work on. We’ll show value and win your business for the long term.