Scale your HR & People Operations teams without breaking the bank.

Give your organization the support they need to focus on their work.

Human Resources & Recruitment Roles

Build your People dream team without destroying your budget.

People Operations Associate

Too many open reqs keep your HR team busy, make sure their other duties are on track.


Add HR team members who can recruit, interview, and fill the rest of your company’s roles.

Sr. Recruiter

Hire an experienced recruiter to oversee your recruitment team.

Sourcing Specialist

Add the talent that identifies the best talent around the world.

Training & Development

Finding talent is only half the battle - make sure you are getting the most out of your team.

HR Analyst

Add analysts to make sure your people operations are running efficiently and effectively.

Add headcount with fewer headaches

Staff your team with highly experienced and vetted talent when you need it.

Fully-Dedicated & Integrated Into Your Team

Hireframers work directly on your team and in your systems just like an internal hire.

Remote Talent Working Your Hours

We go-to-market and hire based on your specific hours of operation.

Direct Extension of Your Recruitment Team

Our recruiters implement your assessments and processes into ours

Flexible Staffing Solutions When You Need It

Easily add and remove staff as your business grows and your needs change.

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Get full-time dedicated staff starting at $2,500/mo.

With Hireframe you’ll get:

  • On-demand recruitment for any open requirement
  • Top talent at a fraction of the cost of a US hire
  • 2-3 vetted finalists for every position
  • Flexible terms; cancel anytime with 30-day notice

Staff open positions in as little as 2 weeks

Here’s how we supercharge your People Operations team.

 Align on Job Requirements 

We dive deep into your job description, dissect every detail and confirm what is most important in each role.

 Source and Vet Candidates 

All applicants are evaluated through multiple interviews and assessments before they reach you.

 Onboard Your Hireframer(s) 

Use your own new-hire onboarding process, and leverage us for coordination and other best practices.

 Interview Finalists 

Our team will endorse finalists for you to interview. You decide who you want to join your team.

Business leaders love Hireframe

We partner with executives and senior management to help them hit growth targets.

Haleigh Castro

Sr. People Operations Manager

NEXT Trucking

"As a People Operations Manager, I see Hireframe as a strategic and collaborative partner in our business. Critical to our operations."

Talha Husayn

VP Technical Engagement


"If you're a modern SaaS company and you have SDRs and AEs doing outbound prospecting, you need Hireframe."

JD Beebe



"If you are a growing business, you should be thinking about offshoring talent and Hireframe finds the best."

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Where does Hireframe source talent?

Hireframe sources talent in two primary locations, Mexico and the Philippines. All of our team members work remotely, so they're able to work anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection and workspace.

Does Hireframe take on part-time requirements?

99% of our Hireframers work full-time, but we do occasionally take on part-time requirements. The strongest candidates are looking for full-time positions, so we focus our efforts on those opportunities. We are willing to consider part-time roles that can become full-time in the future.

What hours do Hireframers typically work?

We go-to-market for every requirement with your preferred business hours and hire accordingly. Even if you're working with a Hireframer who lives in a different time zone, your team members will work the business hours of your choosing.

How long does it take to add a Hireframer to my team?

In most instances, we're finding and hiring team members to join your team within 2-4 weeks. For some roles, we're continuously sourcing and hiring. This allows for very fast onboarding. Conversely, highly complex or technical roles can take 4+ weeks to fulfill.

How do I work with my Hireframer on a daily basis?

Our customers onboard Hireframers in the exact same way they onboard new team members internally at their HQ. The only exception is your Hireframer will be remote, so all training and onboarding will be converted to a virtual environment. As a best practice, our customers will issue company email addresses to their Hireframers, add them to their Slack (or other messaging platform) and share access to any software and databases the Hireframer needs to perform their daily responsibilities.

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