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Hireframe is a nearshore and offshore staffing agency for high-growth companies. Our on-demand recruitment team sources and vets top remote talent for mission-critical positions in finance & accounting, human resources, operations, customer success, sales and marketing.

Staffing mission-critical positions at the world's fastest-growing companies

Happy Customers

Hireframe is a strategic partner, but don't take our word for it (see below).

"As a People Operations Manager, I see Hireframe as a strategic and collaborative partner in our business."

Haleigh Castro

Sr. People Ops Manager, NEXT Trucking

"If you're a modern SaaS company and you have SDRs and AEs doing outbound prospecting, you need Hireframe."

Terry Husayn

VP of Customer Success, Orum

"With every Hireframer I add to my team, I'm assuming a 6x ROI from the cost savings, work output and flexibility we see in staffing through them."

Jason Ton

CFO, 100 Thieves

Here's how we partner with your team

Share a job description

Our recruitment team will work with you to refine your job description before going to market. We will align with you on what's most important in a candidate and create a custom applicant scorecard based on your preferences.

Interview finalists

Your Hireframe Customer Success Manager will deliver 2-3 finalist candidates for your review. Once you give approval, we'll tee up final round interviews for you to meet finalists and make your decision.

Onboard your new hire

After you've selected a finalist, we'll extend a formal job offer and confirm your Hireframer's official start date. Your CSM will make sure you're prepped and ready for day 1 of onboarding for your new hire.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Hireframe.

Where does Hireframe source talent?

Hireframe sources talent in two primary locations, Mexico and the Philippines. All of our team members work remotely, so they're able to work anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection and workspace.

Does Hireframe take on part-time requirements?

99% of our Hireframers work full-time, but we do occasionally take on part-time requirements. The strongest candidates are looking for full-time positions, so we focus our efforts on those opportunities. We are willing to consider part-time roles that can become full-time later.

What hours do Hireframers typically work?

We go-to-market for every requirement with your preferred business hours and hire accordingly. Even if you're working with a Hireframer based many hours ahead or behind you, your team members will work the business hours of your choosing and be available during "work hours".

How long does it take to add a Hireframer to my team?

In most instances, we're finding and hiring team members to join your team within 2-4 weeks. For some roles, we're continuously sourcing and hiring. This allows for very fast onboarding. Conversely, highly complex or technical roles can take 4+ weeks to fulfill.

How do I work with my Hireframer on a daily basis?

Our customers onboard Hireframers in the exact same way they onboard new team members internally at their HQ. The only exception is your Hireframer will be remote, so all training and onboarding will be converted to a virtual environment. As a best practice, our customers will issue company email addresses to their Hireframers, add them to their Slack (or other messaging platform) and share access to any software and databases the Hireframer needs to perform their daily responsibilities.

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