We help SaaS companies and service providers scale sales operations

Supercharge your sales reps by giving them the support and resources they need to smash their quotas and hit growth targets.

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Our research team will deliver the clean and comprehensive account and lead data your sales organization needs.


We build scalable digital prospecting strategies to ensure your outreach volume remains consistent and focused on your target audience.


Our consultants have extensive experience helping fast-growing sales organizations solve their most strategic challenges.


Buildout and augment your sales operations team with highly-vetted and experienced remote staffing professionals.

Why Hireframe?


We will audit your sales operations, identify what’s working and what needs to improve. Our ultimate goal is to build scalable processes that yield your desired results.

Strategic Partners

Our team will collaborate with your stakeholders to understand what is most important to each department and bring best practices we’ve picked up over time.


Give us your organization’s annual strategic goals and we’ll define the activities and workflows that will drive the right outcomes and key performance indicators.

Our Ideal Partners


You’ve found product-market fit and now you want to land more customers. Hireframe can be your end-to-end prospecting operation focused on creating MQLs for your sales team.

Growth Companies

You’re focused on raising more funding and ramping your sales operation and pipeline to hit growth targets. Hireframe can provide the research and data your sales team needs to focus on converting MQLs and creating qualified opportunities.


You’ve built a large and sophisticated sales team. As you continue to go-to-market with new products and services, Hireframe can be your strategic partner to tackle consulting projects and specialized market research.


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