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“We had become a market-leader for SMBs and startups, but struggled to make the leap into true enterprise sales. Hireframe gave us the roadmap we needed to level up our sales engine.”

- Connor Tomkies, CEO

How We Build Pipeline

Sales Enablement

● Optimize sales processes and time and resource allocation
● Implement modern outbound and prospecting tactics
● Leverage LinkedIn and social selling

Technology Stack

Recommend solutions to achieve a systems architecture that will foster your desired growth

Sales Playbook

● Fine tune your Ideal Customer Profile
● Develop knowledge base for use cases, industries and verticals
● Improve accountability by defining rules, criteria and processes


● Improve data mapping and data integrity
● Automate reporting and track the right metrics
● Build smart process workflow and triggers

How We Work

Our expertise is born from years of experience leading and designing sales team and working the top of the funnel (yes – we’ve all cold called and still do!). The companies we’ve worked with work have different sales infrastructures and growth goals and come from a variety of industries.

We tailor our approach for every company we work with, but there is one common theme across all of our advisory services – we work in an 80/20-manner to provide meaningful pipeline.

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Knowledge is power

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