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Our managed Research and Data solution ensures your sales organization is equipped with most valuable data and insights.
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“Our SDR team doubled in size and we needed to build a databased of prospects, FAST. Hireframe's Researchers gave us the backing we needed to have our best sales quarter ever.”

- Jose Lopez, Director of Sales

Our managed Research & Data Solution will make your sales team feel like they have super powers.

Get the data points you need

Hireframe Researchers build custom lists for SDRs to allow them to spend more time converting prospects into leads.

Contact Information

Company Demographics

Trigger Events

Custom Inputs

Quality Assurance

*All lists must first pass our Quality Assurance team’s process and then is validated and enriched to ensure deliverability and connection rates.

How We Work

Hireframe’s Research and Data team lives by systems and process but is powered by each individual person’s critical reasoning skills and business acumen. The combination of process and the right people is the engine that helps Hireframe create meaningful pipeline across different industries and verticals.

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