COVID-19's impact on CX now and forever

In terms of COVID-19's impact on the world at large, many would argue we're still in the first period of a game that will definitely go into overtime. We are not one of the many publications or organizations covering the spread of the virus or the overall impact on our economy, so we will focus solely the impact COVID-19 will have on customer expreience now and conceivably, forever.

The Contactless Customer Experience Has Arrived

Want to accelerate a trend? Introduce a set of a circumstances that force adoption of said trend. Here's a quick rundown of the adoption of the contactless customer experience:

  • COVID-19 forces the US government to institute a nationwide lockdown implemented by each state governmenet
  • The lockdown introduces or popularizes the terms "essential" and "non-essential" businesses
  • Any non-essential business choosing to continue operations was forced to immediately adopt a contactless customer experience (no touching)
  • Companies like Instacart, Drizly and many others experienced their strongest financial quarters ever as they've been honing their contactless customer experience since inception

It's difficult to argue most companies won't return a pre-covid customer experience. With that said, it's undeniable that companies poised to capitalize on a need for a contactless customer experience have ascended to a new growth level. Also, many brands stuck in their ancient ways of providing services have been forced to evolve quickly and will be better for this in the long run.

Building Empathy Into Every Communication

How do you communicate important information while simultaneously acknowledging the struggle your customers and the world at large is experiencing? With clear and careful communication that leads first with empathy.

“We are in unprecedented times...”

If you're anything like me, you heard from almost every brand you've ever interacted with during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone from Fortune 100 companies to your local hair salon had to get a crash course in crisis communications:

  • Lead with your heart
  • Deliver critical information
  • Remind them you're available to help
  • Recognize their situation is evolving and you will adapt to their needs
  • Assure them you're here to stay and will be waiting for them as we return to business as usual
  • Acknowledge the circumstances they are facing, but avoid any political commentary

I hope you found this short blog post to be valuable. At Hireframe, we recognize these are unprecedented times and we hope to support you now and as we return to business as usual.

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