CX Innovation
Jun 9, 2020

Average Handle Time, The best opportunity for automation right now

If you work in customer experience, you're probably exhausted from hearing about chatbots. Bots are going to takeover, takeaway jobs and control the majority of your interactions with customers, right? Not quite. While bots are greatly impacting the digital customer experience, there is a greater opportunity for automation that doesn't get the same publicity.

Reducing average time by utilizing RPA (robotics process automation) technology presents one of the greatest and most immediate opportunities for cost savings in automation. We have provided a short summary of this opportunity below.

Disparate systems and information

Want to identify the points of friction hindering your customer experience team's productivity? Shadow them for a day and you'll quickly identify the issues they encounter on a daily basis:

  • Most frontline customer support teams utilize a technology stack which can often contain disparate systems
  • Documentation can be a support team's best friend or worst enemy depending on how accessible that information is and whether or not it has been tagged efficiently for reference
  • Even a simple tier 1 support ticket request can involve accessing as many as 7 different systems for the actions and information required for processing

If you're able to identify the steps and points of friction accounting for the largest segments of the support process, you can identify the greatest opportunities for automation through RPA technology.

Take a 15 step process and turn it into 1 click

RPA technology has been made readily available to companies of any size through several different service providers. The most impactful use of this technology involves taking multi-step processes and turning them into one single click through a combination of RPA and machine learning technology.

Average handle time can be drastically reduced by 60% or more by implementing RPA technology:

  • Audit your support team's daily operations
  • Identify the types of tickets that require multiple steps, information and referencing various parts of your knowledgebase
  • Review potential marketplace vendor solutions that align with your specific industry vertical and/or use case
  • Implement and continue looking for opportunities to reduce average handle time as a means for achieving cost savings and boosting the productivity of your frontline customer support team members

The world of CX automation is continuously evolving and we're so excited for what comes next. Beware the publicity hype of solutions like chatbots and seek out solutions like RPA technology that can yield immediate cost savings and increases in customer satisfaction.

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