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Meaningful Pipeline Defined

Growth Potential

Our efforts are focused on the accounts with the highest potential upside. The initial deal size might be small, but future growth forecast is strong.

Product Market Fit

Everyone wants to land the Fortune 100 client, but does your product fit their needs? We'll bring you the deals where your solutions solve their challenges.

Strategic Vision

There's who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. Hitting next year's growth goals comes from sales conversations you'll have this year.

How We Build Pipeline

When you aim small, you miss small. Sales teams often get lost in the cycle of "staying busy" with meaningless activity and tasks. We build pipeline by designing our prospecting strategies with your exact Ideal Customer Profile in mind.

Luck can be manifested with a good plan. By integrating our efforts with your sales operation, we can move together as one cohesive unit. This level of cooridation is impossible without well thought out Sales Playbook to keep everyone aligned and "singing the same tune".

Once we've discovered what works, it's time to amplify our efforts with scale and volume. Our organization can staff your team faster and with greater flexibility. This gives your company a direct extension of your operation to experiment and when the time is right, scale aggressively.

Just like art or jazz, sales is never finished. We're always tweaking and adjusting our efforts based on the data and feedback we're receiving. As we generate pipeline for your organization we're creating new challenges to solve. Hireframe will be your strategic sales operations partner as you go from Seed to Series A and beyond.

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