Outbound SDR

Hireframe SDRs come fully vetted, trained and obsessed with setting meetings with the right people.
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“Hireframe's SDR team allowed us to build an outbound sales engine that works seamlessly with our demand generation efforts.”

- Murph Krajewski, CMO

Teamwork makes the
dream work

With Hireframe’s SDR service you get:

✔ 1 dedicated SDR
✔ 1 dedicated Researcher
✔ 1 Sales Operations Manager
✔ 1 Customer Success Manager

Managed outbound prospecting

Our SDR solutions are fully managed and come equipped with the necessary tools and resources to build meaningful pipeline.

We Provide

  • Productive SDR on Day 1
  • Consistent high level of output day in and day out
  • Training and coaching
  • Research and Data team
  • Real-time fine-tuning of methods and messaging

We Protect You From

  • Long onboarding and ramp-up periods
  • Resources spent managing and motivating teammates
  • Resources spent managing and motivating teammates
  • Fully-loaded overhead costs
    Recruiting and training

How we work

We're a fully integrated solution. Hireframe works closely and transparently with your internal stakeholders to design and execute on a prospecting strategy that aligns with your growth goals and brand.

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Define your ICP

A Hireframe Sales Operations Architect will do a deep dive into your current sales processes and work with your team to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Sales playbook

Now that we know who we're targeting, we'll get to work building a comprehensive Sales Playbook. This document will outline our overall prospecting strategy and serve as the foundation for our outbound team.

Outbound prospecting

With the foundation in place, it's time to start "pounding the digital pavement". Your Hireframe SDRs will ramp their outbound volume. Our management team will keep a close eye and adjust as necessary.

Knowledge is power

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